Presentation of Lithuanian Adult Education Centres Leaders Association

The most active headmasters of Adult Education Centres in 1996 united into Lithuanian Adult Education Centres Leaders Association. Today Lithuanian Adult Education Centres Leaders Association represents 23 formal adult education institutions leaders of Lithuania. The Association brings together Lithuanian’s adult education centres where formal and non – formal adult education takes place.

It is a great interest in adult education in Lithuania. The democratization of lifelong learning   is widening the learning opportunities to all citizens. The customers of centres are people over 18 years old. They can freely express their learning needs. At the centres adults can meet and learn together updating of knowledge, acquire new skills and competencies, as well as developing social competence by participating in EU and local projects. All centres provide non – formal education: seminars, conferences, foreign language courses, project works. Anyone who wants to learn is welcome to our centres.

The Association pays special attention so that individuals from vulnerable social groups could have the best education possible.

The objectives of Association are:

  • Preparation of international projects related to adult education;
  • Curricula preparation in adult education institutions;
  • Legislation related to adult education;
  • Teachers’ training;
  • Assistance in finding new international contacts;
  • Assistance in organizing non – formal education in Adult Education Centers;
  • Organizing study visits for teachers and headmasters of Adult Education Centers;
  • To make lifelong learning approachable.

The goals of Association are:

  • To give suggestions to the Ministry of Education and Science concerning adult education curricula;
  • To give suggestions aimed at non-formal adult education law improvement;
  • To refresh qualifications of adult institutions teachers and headmasters;
  • To mediate between educational institutions and foreign educators;
  • To organize different educational projects on local and international level;
  • To organize studies dealing with qualification of andragogy.